who are we?

We’re M R S V I S U A L S, M is for Maartje, R is for Roxanne and MRS is because we’re (almost) married – to each other!

Since 2017, we’ve been photographing together all over the world. Check out our travel blog over at onceuponajrny.com. As a couple, we have a great work flow. We’re doing life together since 2015, so we are well attuned to each other. Let’s introduce ourselves below!

Maartje Hensen

Hi! I’m Maartje. Yup, it’s a very Dutch name. Lucky for you, I’m very easy: I’ll listen to anything that sounds anything like Marta – March – Marge – Matcha.

Photography has been my passion since an early age. Ironically, I have bad eyes and need glasses. Or maybe that’s why I love looking through a camera?

Another truth: I can be shy, I like ‘getting into the vibe’ and do my thing unnoticed. I thought this was a bad thing, but as a photographer: this is a great characteristic!

Roxanne Weijer

Hi! I’m Roxanne. I was never a photographer. A soccer player, a country girl, and a physical therapist: I was all that. Then, Maartje (aka a creative whirlwind) entered my life and got me all excited for things I wasn’t excited about – ever.

But before I knew it, I took a photography course and became Maartje’s second shooter on weddings.

Fun fact: I’m an awkward model, I’m photogenic when I ‘do things’, even if it’s as little as playing with a hat!

And opposed to Maartje, I’m an extrovert and can chat about anything, with anyone. So even if I’m not shooting, I ensure our photoshoots are ‘gezellig’!


Possibly the most important word in Dutch. And the embodiment of our style: it should be gezellig.

It’s that warm feeling of togetherness! Photoshoots can be scary, but we always try to make it fun.