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everyone gets to be their beautiful selves in front of our cameras!

LGBT vacation photographer

As a lesbian travel couple, we know it can be refreshing to do a photoshoot with queer photographers and not worry about surprising reactions when you meet your photographer for your shoot. During your vacation you should be comfortable and enjoy yourself! Luckily, Amsterdam is a welcoming city, and we can be your vacation photographer.

As local photographers we know the best spots and would love to make your memories of Amsterdam everlasting! We love shooting candid shots, are very familiar with travel photography – we can let you and the city shine!

lifestyle photoshoot

We can do a full on rainbow gay pride parade photoshoot (real unicorn? sure!), but we know not everyone is Fabulous with a capital F! Our goal is to do an authentic lifestyle photoshoot and capture who you are.

lesbian wedding photographer

We can also be your (destination) wedding photographer! As a married lesbian couple, we know how it feels, not just behind the camera as LGBT photographers. 

Tell your own story and let us capture it!

We can tell you about our style (more about that below) but first and foremost, it’s not about us, it’s about YOU! 

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some of our favorite shots

take their word for it

In April 2019, I did a photoshoot with Maartje and Roxanne in between the tulip fields. It was a gorgeous day, Roxanne gave me directions and Maartje took the photos, patiently, motivated, and tireless, to get the perfect shot. A beautiful series of photos that made me feel like a model: a happy, beautiful woman.
transgender woman photoshoot testimonial lgbt photographer
Ellen van Hemert
I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Maartje and Rox! As a queer person finding a photographer that understands me was really important. Their technical skill and creativity speak for itself but for me what makes them stand out was their ability to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. While Maartje was snapping pics Rox was giving posing tip and keeping things light. Thanks so much for taking some of my favorite photos.
lesbian photoshoot testimonial
Lindsay Cale
Our time in Stockholm was an experience to remember and Roxanne and Maartje captured every romantic moment and crafted incredibly beautiful images of my partner and I. They are wonderful to work with and they effortlessly made every moment in front of the camera comfortable. Gifted with brilliant concepts and vision, they are pros at execution and masters of efficiency, getting perfect shots quickly. Their talent knows no bounds and I’d highly recommend and trust them in capturing memories and moments that you want to treasure forever.
interracial gay photoshoot testimonial
Teraj Allen

Photo of Couple of Men

our photography style

In case you missed it and are thinking: who is ‘we’? We’re  M R S V I S U A L S, the M is for Maartje, the R is for Roxanne, and we’re MRS because we’re  married!

We’re personal photographers, which means that we don’t just take your photo: we want to get to know you. If we don’t do that, how can we capture you? Before you get nervous and shy, stop! 

Two photographers

Not everyone is a fierce and fabulous photo model (or sometimes, she’s just hiding and we get to see her during a photoshoot!).

We used to be super uncomfortable in front of the camera. But we figured out a few tricks that make it a lot easier (spoiler alert: having fun helps!).

That’s why we won’t rush into clicking away. Because we’re with two photographers, it’s easier to have a chat with one and be casually photographed by the other. And some special moments are simply best captured from two angles!

the details


A lifestyle photoshoot for 1 person in Amsterdam.

  • incl. VAT and travel expenses within Amsterdam
  • 1 hour
  • 20-30 photos in high resolution in a digital photo gallery
  • Make it a couple photoshoot for €50 extra!

A lifestyle photoshoot for 1 person on multiple locations in Amsterdam. With 1 outfit change.

  • incl. VAT and travel expenses within Amsterdam
  • 1.5 hours
  • 40-50 photos in high resolution in a digital photo gallery
  • Make it a couple photoshoot for €50 extra!
yass queen

A lifestyle photoshoot for 1 person on multiple locations in Amsterdam. With outfit changes and rainbow props on request.

  • incl. VAT and travel expenses within Amsterdam
  • 2 hours
  • 60-70 photos in high resolution in a digital photo gallery
  • Make it a couple photoshoot for €50 extra!

make it extra

You’re special, we know! If you want to make your photoshoot extra, we’re happy to adapt to your needs! A few things we can do:

  • additional hours
  • location outside Amsterdam (flower fields, other cities, etc.)
  • rainbow props
  • extra outfit changes


Tell us more when you request a photoshoot below!

book a photoshoot

It’s really simple, you let us know what you want to do and we email you back asap! For questions, send us a message on whatsapp or via email.